Friday, September 14

Night Markets

The summer heat and humidity is makin' it's presence known here in So Cal.
This weather makes one LAZY ... and it's a great excuse to go out to eat.

Gotta escape the heat of the house somehow!!!! (otherwise, our electricity bill will be astronomical!)

In Asia, where the heat and humidity are constant factors, the evenings are spent trolling the night markets. Literally, everyone comes one! There's food, drinks, games and stuff to buy of all kinds. It's like an outdoor mall; but instead of stores, there are stalls. The sounds are loud and the smell of street food will be calling to you.

Some of the best,

1. Hong Kong

2. Singapore

3. Vietnam

and the mother of all night markets .... with over 300

4. Taiwan

How about some local night markets? What's going on in So Cal?

Find out next week... Till then..

xo Hallo Jak