Monday, July 29

Happy Monday! Hope the beginning of the week is a good one for you guys.

I've had an busy last couple of days and woke up TIRED this morning. Let's just say that the coffee maker and I are sharing a strong kinship today.

Wanted to share Sarah London's great blog! She has FREE granny square patterns every Monday. It's my perfect way to start out the week! Crochet Talk is perfect for any crochet-er. She goes over the different components of crochet; ie stitches, terminology, etc.

Check out the darling crown she made to commemorate the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis!

Her Square for this week:

Hope you're inspired!

xoxo  hallo jak    

Monday, July 15

Happy Monday!

                             Ranunculus bouquet
                                   via pinterest
xo hallo jak

Monday, July 8

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a fruitful and relaxing 4 day weekend!
It's back to the weekly grind again.

A little something to make your Monday happy, sweet and hopefully, COOL!
It's reaching into the 100's here in So Cal. I gotta remember to stay hydrated.

xo hallo jak


Wednesday, July 3

WIP: Succulents

Is it 4th of July Already?! Where the heck did June go?

What's got your summer occupied? Us? We're working on some new succulent boxes and terrariums.


What about you? Have anything fun planned for the 4th? What are you working on?

xo hallo jak