Monday, December 31

Welcome 2013!!!!

So... Ready for 2013? 

Why not welcome the New Year with some sequins and glitter!!!

Here's 5 DIY projects you can get done and enjoy before the clock strikes 12!!

2. DIY: Sequins Cardigan

3. DIY: Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt 

4. DIY: Glitter Holiday Party Hat

5. DIY: Sequin Pillow

Have a Fun and Safe New Year!!!


 hallo jak

Friday, September 14

Night Markets

The summer heat and humidity is makin' it's presence known here in So Cal.
This weather makes one LAZY ... and it's a great excuse to go out to eat.

Gotta escape the heat of the house somehow!!!! (otherwise, our electricity bill will be astronomical!)

In Asia, where the heat and humidity are constant factors, the evenings are spent trolling the night markets. Literally, everyone comes one! There's food, drinks, games and stuff to buy of all kinds. It's like an outdoor mall; but instead of stores, there are stalls. The sounds are loud and the smell of street food will be calling to you.

Some of the best,

1. Hong Kong

2. Singapore

3. Vietnam

and the mother of all night markets .... with over 300

4. Taiwan

How about some local night markets? What's going on in So Cal?

Find out next week... Till then..

xo Hallo Jak

Thursday, August 9

Field Trip Fridays!!

The summer is really heating up here in So Cal and the temps are quickly going above 100 degrees!!

You know it's bad when the weather man shows this @ 6am!

So, that means the excursions are going on in the evenings...when the sun is down and the temps are cooler!

Option this weekend...

Orange County Fair
    Here are some things to definitely hit up!

        - The Budweiser ClysdalesThey were all so tall; taller than me! It's deceiving on TV.

        - The Parade of ProductsLots of useless stuff that you'll probably never need or use ... But the hall is air conditioned so it's a nice way to cool down and maybe get an impulse buy @ the same time. Or go next door and check out the Best In Shows: everything from cakes and jellies to paintings and chairs.

        - The 11 new piglets.  This year, one of the pregnant pigs gave birth to her 11 piglets during the fair, but had a seizure the next day and passed away. Now her babies are being fed, by hand, by the fair workers, till they can fend for themselves. 

        - Grub.  Lastly, the staple of every county fair, the unhealthy, fried &/or BBQ, gi-nourmous food. 
          Here are some photos to wet your appetite. 
Cause everything is better with bacon. 

including bbq turkey thighs...

or beer battered bacon dogs...

and for dessert, funnel cake!

          - Don't forget... Rides and Games abound!!!! 

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Hallo Jak!

Monday, July 23

Food for Thought : Red Velvet

Baking is all but forgotten in the summer months...just too darn hot! But that doesn't stop me from craving sweet, baked goods! It's my Achilles heel. That got me to thinking...What kind of mash-up can I come up with.... It still needs to be edible AND satisfy my cravings.

Here's what I came up with:

(it's just so darn good!!!)

(I know...They're baked. It's also healthier that way!)

If you've ever been to San Francisco, Bi Rite Creamery is the only way to go. Their creations are richly decadent with a twist; such as brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl ice cream, basil ice cream and olive oil ice cream. I recently purchased their Ice Cream cook book and I'm super excited to try their recipes!! I'll let you know how it goes.....

xoxo, hallo jak

Thursday, July 12

Field Trip Fridays!!

Attention!! Attention!! 

Hallo Jak will be @ the OC Mini Maker Faire this Saturday.

We'll have our DIY kits and handmade goods on hand.
We're also having a few Make and Takes Projects! Fun Times!

Just in case you were wondering who else is going to be there, here's a list: 


Come by, visit and make something!!!

=)  Hallo Jak!

Friday, July 6

Field Trip Fridays!!

The great things about summer? Hmmmm...
Let me count the ways: awesome weather, late sunsets, dining al fresco, flip flops, pedicures and weekend field trips!

An idea for this weekend?
How about the newly opened Crafted at the Port of Long Beach?!

It's an innovative and creative use of Warehouse No. 10, a cavernous wood-frame structure built by the Navy in World War II. This is just the beginning for them with many more to come.

(including warehouse no. 9)

It's no secret that we're BIG fans of many many (did I mention many?) of the vendors here. Such as..

1. Kelso Doesn’t Dance
Love Kelsey's old school wire notebooks and shirt pillows!
The shelves ; she made herself!

2. MakeShopLive

decoupage and up-cycle! 
3. Hydrangea Hippo
the colors!! 

4. It's Me, Mary
Ombre color and crochet bunting! 

5. Parchment
Tea plates for signage...
6. meriebabie / Wood Brain
handbags and purses ... meriebabie
handmade cash register.... Wood Brain

And I wouldn't want to forget the "Big Ass" fan that keeps the entire space cool and comfortable.
Literally, that's the brand name of the ceiling fans; no joke!!!
If you look carefully, they have a picture of the back of a donkey on the fan!

Crafted is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays.

PS... The USS Iowa was just dedicated as a museum @ the Port of Los Angeles. It's now open to the public and would make an awesome side trip while in San Pedro.

Fun fact: The USS Iowa is the only US battleship that has a bathtub. It was installed for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with an elevator to shuttle him between decks, while he sailed across the Atlantic in 1943 to meet with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Have a great weekend!!!  xo, hallo jak

Monday, July 2

WTH!!! It's July Already!

OK.. I feel like I'm stuck in some morphed time continuum and 6 months just came and went. It's time I got my butt in gear. This is going to be the summer of crafts and DIY's for me. Partially because my latest obsession, PINTEREST, has become obscenely overloaded. What good is "pinning" when there is no "doing"?

If your not familiar with Pinterest, what rock have you been living under?! J/K. =) Heed my warning when I say that it's going to suck you in!! But it does get the creativity going, if not just a bit of jealousy that you didn't think up the idea first. But I digress. 

I'm going to do some organizing and dusting off. I've neglected my craft tools and machinery too long.