Wednesday, April 27


The hype about the Royal Wedding is everywhere! Not an hour goes by that there isn't some type of news or update.... "What flowers are they using?" "What's her dress going to look like?" "What are the guests going to wear?" ..... Never ending.

But what about Kate and her style. She's preppy, modern .... kinda modern English and I think that makes her look so attainable and easy to repli"KATE"!

PS: Kate has a tiny waist and she makes use of her best asset!

Her closet staples ....

1. The Fitted Blazer


2. Boots

3. Casual / Jeans

For a Kate inspired Casual-Look on a budget....
                  credit stylebakery

1. Scoop-Neck Babydoll Cardigan, $29.50 at
2. Silver Dimpled Earrings, $4.80 at
3. Glass Pearl Rope Necklace, $48.00 at
4. White Skinny Jean, $29.50 at
5. Gabrielle Quilted Clutch, $18.00 at
6. Gabriella Rocha flats, $44.95 at

Love it ... Love It .... LOVE IT!