Tuesday, December 31

Ringing in 2014!

How is it that 2013 is over and 2014 is here? This year went by so quickly!
Wishing all a Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year!
xoxo halloJAK

Wednesday, December 18

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

December has been a whirlwind and it's not over yet. One more week till Christmas!!!
As I type, I have more boot cuffs and scarves to crochet.

We have one last holiday show this weekend @ the Downtown Flea in downtown LA. If you haven't been downtown in awhile, it's the perfect time to go. With so many new eateries opening up, you can have brunch and shop for the holidays. Perfect!

xoxo hallo jak

Saturday, November 30

Holiday Shopping and Patchwork Santa Ana


With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just around the corner, I really have to get started on my
shopping list, while still doing our shows!

Enter Patchwork Santa Ana.

It's a great show with lots of vendors and good food. Our booth this year is on 3rd Street.

Hope to see you there!

hallo jak
jen and kris

Friday, November 29

Black Friday Sale!!!

In the spirit of saving on Black Friday, we're offering 25% off everything @ our Etsy Shop!

coupon code: BLKFRI25

Get it while you can! Code only good for Friday, Nov 29th.

jen and kris

Wednesday, November 27

Giving Thanks!

Earlier this week, sis and I were walking around in the Bay Area after Patchwork Oakland. We were surprised with the number of people out and about. Even @ 10am! Didn't people have to work?! Let's not even get started on the traffic! Although, we have to admit that flip flop weather in November is Awesome!

The holidays just crept up on us! We've been so involved in getting ready for all the holiday shows that we lost track!

Well, before it gets REALLY CRAZY, we just wanted to take a minute to reflect and give thanks.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

hallo jak
jen and kris

Tuesday, October 1

Hello October!

Happy October everyone! Although it's 80 degrees today in Southern California, the pumpkin patches are officially open. We love all things pumpkin: pumpkin carving, pumpkin eating, even pumpkin pasta making! But 1st, we have to go pick out our pumpkin. So, how are you going to decorate your pumpkin this year? We're still thinking about ours. Hmmm.... Ideas?

BTW, for those of you in the Southern California area this weekend, we'll be vending @ the 1st ever Patchwork Show Edible Edition in SOCO located off the 405 in Costa Mesa.

It's going to be a spectacular event! The events calendar looks so (fabulously) crazy! Bread, Cheese, Meats, Kimchi, Cottage Law and so much more.

Nicole and Delilah have done a fabulous job lining up presenters, speakers and DIY activities to cater to everyone! Hope to see you there!

xo hallo jak

Thursday, August 29

Take 5: Homemade Ice Cream


September and Labor Day are just around the corner! It been so mild in July and Aug that I'm kinda scared of what Sept will bring.
To prepare, I'm stocking up on some HOMEMADE ice cream. Nothing cools me down faster! Except maybe a dunk in the pool.
I love ice cream and it's fun making your own. I start off with an ice cream base from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. If you haven't tasted her flavors, you are missing out! Her secret ingredient.... Cream Cheese! Her base has no eggs so no worrying about cooking it and ending up with lumps. Also perfect for vegetarians.
Here are the links for some variations.
Hope you give the recipes a try!
xo hallo jak

Tuesday, August 13

Take 5: Car Trip Crafts

With summer quickly coming to an end, sis and I are trying to get in the last of our road trips for the season.

The dessert is our next destination. Since we're gonna be on the road for 5 hours (each way), I've been collecting ideas (via Pinterest, of course!) on how to keep my hands busy with something creative and pretty.

Top 5 (so far) are:

1. Crochet Bunting
     no tutorial on this one, but it looks like a series of increasing dc's.

2. Spool Strip Tease Embroidery by maximumrabbitdesign
     the name makes me giggle!

3. Hexagon Embroidery by ladyface
     really liking the clean lines and use of color.

4. Fox Embroidery on goodsmiths
     all over the place right now!

5. Granny Squares by Sarah London
     So convenient since they can be made individually and then put together later.
     Perfect for blankets, afghans, edging on table cloths, pillows, stool covers, etc


Friday, August 2

FieldTrip Friday: Poketo and LA Food Swap

How did we get to August already?!
A couple months ago (like in June!) , we got the opportunity to participate in LA Food Swap held @ Poketo.
Fun times! A great venue and a great event @ the same time! Sign me up!!!
First, the venue. Poketo is just plain fun! Their flagship store in the bustling fringes of Japantown in LA is stocked with highly curated, beautiful, handmade, practical pieces. They really support local artisans and their crafts. You will definitely find something here that you can't live without. If your more of a DIY-er, they have a diverse list of classes.
Now, for the Food Swap. The main concept of the food swap is to SHARE and build a sense of community. Just one main rule: you have to have made, foraged, or grown the items that you are trading.
Our grown item of choice: Kumquats. Out trees were bursting @ the seams and we can only eat, candy, and bake so much. We'll share!!
There were lots of items to choose from and trade for: honey, fresh eggs, veggies, jams, jellies, kombucha, chili oil, granola, breads, cookies.
The swap is approx. 2 hrs and broken down to a couple of parts: setup, tasting, deciding which items you want to swap for, making offers (this is when it becomes a little frenzied since everyone is running around trying to get what they want and hoping that their trade will be accepted), packing up and clean up. 
Isn't he a cutie!

Here's the basket of all our goodies! It was happy eating for weeks!

There are food swaps going on all around! It's a great way to share what you have and try something new!
Have a great weekend!
xo hallo jak

Monday, July 29

Happy Monday! Hope the beginning of the week is a good one for you guys.

I've had an busy last couple of days and woke up TIRED this morning. Let's just say that the coffee maker and I are sharing a strong kinship today.

Wanted to share Sarah London's great blog! She has FREE granny square patterns every Monday. It's my perfect way to start out the week! Crochet Talk is perfect for any crochet-er. She goes over the different components of crochet; ie stitches, terminology, etc.

Check out the darling crown she made to commemorate the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis!

Her Square for this week:

Hope you're inspired!

xoxo  hallo jak    

Monday, July 15

Happy Monday!

                             Ranunculus bouquet
                                   via pinterest
xo hallo jak

Monday, July 8

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a fruitful and relaxing 4 day weekend!
It's back to the weekly grind again.

A little something to make your Monday happy, sweet and hopefully, COOL!
It's reaching into the 100's here in So Cal. I gotta remember to stay hydrated.

xo hallo jak


Wednesday, July 3

WIP: Succulents

Is it 4th of July Already?! Where the heck did June go?

What's got your summer occupied? Us? We're working on some new succulent boxes and terrariums.


What about you? Have anything fun planned for the 4th? What are you working on?

xo hallo jak

Thursday, June 27

WIP: Crochet Rocks

I know... This post is a day late. But hey, better late than never! WIP Thursday?!

With the warm weather slowly creeping in, I find myself slowing down, sitting down and doing more stuff indoors. Not to say that the yard is getting neglected. More work is ahead on that project.

But so far, this is the result... with more to come.

xo hallo jak

Friday, June 21

Etsy Craft Party 2013

Last night was the Etsy Craft Party. What is it? It's a one day global celebration of meeting and making. People come together and share their talents, skills and get some food and drink on at the same time. Honestly, it's a good excuse to party!!

This year's OC event was held @ Creative Outlet Studios in Costa Mesa. Along with Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters, they put together the perfect party!

Here's some highlights and hopefully, some inspirations:


Thanks to Lauren, Susan, KC and Sharon for a great event! If you haven't made it out to Creative Outlet Studios, GO NOW! It's an awesome workspace with equipment and materials for every craft.

So, what do you have planned for the 1st full day of summer? Whatever it is, hope you have fun doing it!

xo hallojak

Thursday, June 20

Take 5: Summer Party Printables

Summer is just one day away, officially.
The temps here in Southern California definitely reflect the season! 
Summer cocktails, BBQ's, ice cream, and outdoor gatherings are all in our immediate future.

To help prepare, here are 5 ideas and links for party invitations and decorations!

My favorite summer mantra: Sit, Sip, Relax

Let's Celebrate: Popsicle style
(via Martha Stewart) 

Let's do: cocktails, ice cream, maybe coffee?          
Sundaes anyone?: DIY Ice Cream Parlor
(also via Eat Drink Chic)


Light up the night: Sparkles!

Get out there and enjoy the longest day of the year!

xo hallojak

Friday, May 24

Friday Field Trip: San Francisco - Walt Disney Family Museum

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to the Bay Area to participate in Patchwork Oakland. I love the vibe and energy in Nor Cal!

While up there, I went with my booth mate, Gloria of FOE Industries, along with her sweet cousin Angela, to the Walt Disney Family Museum located within a beautiful brick building, former Army barracks, in San Francisco's Presidio.

This museum is dedicated to Walt Disney, his life and how his ideas came to be. It's a really intimate experience to be able to see Mr. Disney's life from childhood, to his joining the American Ambulance Corps, and his career development.

The museum is separated into particular timelines of his life: childhood, Hollywood (featuring the earliest known Mickey Mouse drawings), the creation of Disney Studios, the move from short film to features (such as Snow White, Bambi and a personal favorite of mine, Fantasia) and then to military training films. After the war, Disney Studios went into a rebuilding period (Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland and Lady and the Tramp).

Here are some photos:

 Mr and Mrs Disney's 1st home.
Some Mickey memorabilia.
 Mickey Watches of all types.
 Mickey Pocket Watch! My Fave!
Drawing Mickey via a grid method that was taught to the artists coming in.

The museum has Mr Disney's scale model locomotive, along with a model of Disneyland and his ideas for EPCOT. As you walk thru the museum, you notice and realize his inspiration for Disneyland's rides and attractions.

I love how interactive and visually stimulating this museum is. Plus, it has some great viewpoints of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Can you see the bottom half thru the fog?!

If you are ever in the San Francisco area, this is definitely worth the visit!

BTW, if you're going to be in the Orange County area this Sunday, would love to see you @ Patchwork Santa Ana.

Have a great weekend!

hallo jak