Friday, May 24

Friday Field Trip: San Francisco - Walt Disney Family Museum

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to the Bay Area to participate in Patchwork Oakland. I love the vibe and energy in Nor Cal!

While up there, I went with my booth mate, Gloria of FOE Industries, along with her sweet cousin Angela, to the Walt Disney Family Museum located within a beautiful brick building, former Army barracks, in San Francisco's Presidio.

This museum is dedicated to Walt Disney, his life and how his ideas came to be. It's a really intimate experience to be able to see Mr. Disney's life from childhood, to his joining the American Ambulance Corps, and his career development.

The museum is separated into particular timelines of his life: childhood, Hollywood (featuring the earliest known Mickey Mouse drawings), the creation of Disney Studios, the move from short film to features (such as Snow White, Bambi and a personal favorite of mine, Fantasia) and then to military training films. After the war, Disney Studios went into a rebuilding period (Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland and Lady and the Tramp).

Here are some photos:

 Mr and Mrs Disney's 1st home.
Some Mickey memorabilia.
 Mickey Watches of all types.
 Mickey Pocket Watch! My Fave!
Drawing Mickey via a grid method that was taught to the artists coming in.

The museum has Mr Disney's scale model locomotive, along with a model of Disneyland and his ideas for EPCOT. As you walk thru the museum, you notice and realize his inspiration for Disneyland's rides and attractions.

I love how interactive and visually stimulating this museum is. Plus, it has some great viewpoints of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Can you see the bottom half thru the fog?!

If you are ever in the San Francisco area, this is definitely worth the visit!

BTW, if you're going to be in the Orange County area this Sunday, would love to see you @ Patchwork Santa Ana.

Have a great weekend!

hallo jak