Friday, August 2

FieldTrip Friday: Poketo and LA Food Swap

How did we get to August already?!
A couple months ago (like in June!) , we got the opportunity to participate in LA Food Swap held @ Poketo.
Fun times! A great venue and a great event @ the same time! Sign me up!!!
First, the venue. Poketo is just plain fun! Their flagship store in the bustling fringes of Japantown in LA is stocked with highly curated, beautiful, handmade, practical pieces. They really support local artisans and their crafts. You will definitely find something here that you can't live without. If your more of a DIY-er, they have a diverse list of classes.
Now, for the Food Swap. The main concept of the food swap is to SHARE and build a sense of community. Just one main rule: you have to have made, foraged, or grown the items that you are trading.
Our grown item of choice: Kumquats. Out trees were bursting @ the seams and we can only eat, candy, and bake so much. We'll share!!
There were lots of items to choose from and trade for: honey, fresh eggs, veggies, jams, jellies, kombucha, chili oil, granola, breads, cookies.
The swap is approx. 2 hrs and broken down to a couple of parts: setup, tasting, deciding which items you want to swap for, making offers (this is when it becomes a little frenzied since everyone is running around trying to get what they want and hoping that their trade will be accepted), packing up and clean up. 
Isn't he a cutie!

Here's the basket of all our goodies! It was happy eating for weeks!

There are food swaps going on all around! It's a great way to share what you have and try something new!
Have a great weekend!
xo hallo jak

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