Thursday, August 9

Field Trip Fridays!!

The summer is really heating up here in So Cal and the temps are quickly going above 100 degrees!!

You know it's bad when the weather man shows this @ 6am!

So, that means the excursions are going on in the evenings...when the sun is down and the temps are cooler!

Option this weekend...

Orange County Fair
    Here are some things to definitely hit up!

        - The Budweiser ClysdalesThey were all so tall; taller than me! It's deceiving on TV.

        - The Parade of ProductsLots of useless stuff that you'll probably never need or use ... But the hall is air conditioned so it's a nice way to cool down and maybe get an impulse buy @ the same time. Or go next door and check out the Best In Shows: everything from cakes and jellies to paintings and chairs.

        - The 11 new piglets.  This year, one of the pregnant pigs gave birth to her 11 piglets during the fair, but had a seizure the next day and passed away. Now her babies are being fed, by hand, by the fair workers, till they can fend for themselves. 

        - Grub.  Lastly, the staple of every county fair, the unhealthy, fried &/or BBQ, gi-nourmous food. 
          Here are some photos to wet your appetite. 
Cause everything is better with bacon. 

including bbq turkey thighs...

or beer battered bacon dogs...

and for dessert, funnel cake!

          - Don't forget... Rides and Games abound!!!! 

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Hallo Jak!

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