Friday, March 25

Rain Rain Go Away...

It's been raining here all week and it's starting to affect me. I wonder how people in rainy Seattle do it? I find myself planning activities in-between the impending rain so I can stay dry. What better way to stay dry than go to the movies!

Yesterday, sis and I went to a screening of The Living Sea sponsored by the wonderful organization of One World, One Ocean @ the IMAX Irvine Spectrum.

"One World Ocean is a global non-profit campaign designed to emotionally connect people to the world’s ocean, help them recognize the value of the ocean to society
and understand the threats it faces, all with a view to dramatically change the way we
treat the ocean. Sixty percent of the world’s population lives on or near a coastline,
but most people don’t know the ocean is in trouble."

Some of the facts and statistics ...
1. the ocean covers approx 70% of our planet
2. 50-70 % of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean
3. the ocean absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than all the planet's rainforests
4. less than 5% of the ocean has been explored

Hmmmmm .... makes you think! Until next time ....


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