Tuesday, May 10

DIY Crate Container Gardening!

Mother's Day is usually spent having lunch with our Mom and Dad. Well, this year, the parental unit is suffering the ill effects of jet lag courtesy of their VayKay to China and Tibet. So, Sis and I thought it was the perfect day to spruce up our garden. The weather in So Cal has been odd of late...cold, mild, blazing hot ... all in the span of 2 weeks! It no wonder our plant and garden have taken a hit! It was time to replant and reap the rewards!

A couple of weeks ago, we were shopping at our neighborhood Asian market when we noticed that they had fruit crates stacked high on the back ready to discard. Sis remembered Fern's Pallet Gardening post from Life on the Balcony. This inspired us. We had done it with wine boxes before... why not take it to a larger scale? Well, here goes.

Supply List
- wooden crates
- soil, compost (enough to fill the crates that you have)
- Weedblock (this is the brand that we found @ our local Home Depot)
- stapler gun and staples (make sure to buy staples that don't puncture the wood)
- yard stick or ruler

1. Here's the container that we had obtained. We ended up with 4 total.

2. Next, take measurements to figure out the dimensions of weedblock that your going to need.


- Width

3. Cut out your weedblock to size and get ready to staple... Lots and Lots of Stapling!


Note: Try to center the weedblock so it's even on all sides. It makes it easier to staple.

4. After all that stapling, here's the finished product! Nice huh?!

If you look closely, we stapled all along the edges to reinforce all sides. All that's left is soil and plants!

5. Fill your container with the soil and compost.

6. Plant and Enjoy !!!

Got to admit, this took us a couple of hours. But it's well worth it! Come summer, my kitchen will be bursting with fresh tomatoes and herbs. Yummm. Bon Appétit !


  1. Oooh, what an awesome find! I'll have to keep an eye out for crates like these!