Friday, July 8


Summer = Road Trips! (at least on the weekends...)

So, for last weekend, it's south to San Diego county
and the city of Escondido.
Our good freind, Debbie, whom we run into all the time,
thrifting =) has a booth set up @ this place called the Urban Barn.

It was yet another great drive down.
(if you ignore the stop and go traffic b/c of the 4th of July Holiday)
Hey! Not going to let a little traffic spoil our fun!

Finally, we got there and it was so worth it!
Take a look...

Fun Shabby Chic Look

Picnic anyone?

World Traveler

Paris Flea Market!

It's a collection of various artists and vendors that set up their
own "showrooms" of the items that they have for sale.
It's a great concept and allows the consumer to shop different styles all in one place.

SOOOOO Much Fun !!!
Make sure you check their blog. They have a monthly Street Faire where more vendors 
come out to play!

Time for lunch!
On the suggestion of the ladies @ Urban Barn, sis & I tried out El Nopal.

Cute Ambience. Lots of tequila bottles on the walls.

chicken taquitos lunch special

chorizo con huevos.

Good comfort food that will leave you full and satisfied.

Time to drive home...
but we did hit up Anthropologie and the outlet in Carlsbad on the way around.
Guilty! =P

Lates! Have a weekend!

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