Tuesday, July 5

Summer Pennant Wreath

So...recovered yet from the 4th of July partying and eating?!

Summer has decided to come in with full force here in So Cal.
Thought we should have something more "summery" to decorate the doors with.
As a side note, I did start off this wreath back in March with the intent on it being a spring / Easter wreath but that project went no were fast.

It was perfect for this project!
Hey, better that than on my floor half done!

I decided to make this wreath bright.
Went to my local hardware store and got myself an assortment of yellow paint chips.
yeah free!

Then, I had to decide on what flower shape I wanted.
I looked thru my binder of stuff and went with a
 free again!

I traced it on card stock to make a template. Cut it out.

Trace the template on the paint chips.
You can vary your placement to get various shading on your iris. 

Trace, trace, trace, trace some more. Did I mention trace? 

You know what's coming next ....Cut! Cut!

Put all the cut parts together and decide what looks good to your eye.
They don't all have to be matchy matchy.

Staple the petals together (large on the bottom, medium on top).
Glue on the circle on the middle to cover the staple.

Assembly time!
The wreath that I had was already covered in burlap.
(Remember, spring incomplete?)
I just had to arrange the flowers and hot glue them on.


Duh...Almost forgot about the pennant.
I made that out of leftover posters and some twine.
 Just cut triangles and glue them on.

It's a nice pop of yellow and makes me happy when I see it!


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