Friday, July 1

Lavender anyone?

Sis had planned an adventure last Sunday. She didn't tell me what it was...just that it was about 1 1/2 hours away and that we were driving south, towards San Diego. Why no?! The weather was gorgeous and the drive ain't half bad. Ocean view all the way down! Heck ya.

We started out early on the trip. Navigation is your friend. But Sis did also print out directions, just in case.

Well, this is the site that greeted us. Gorgeous Huh?! Reminds me of the lavender fields in Provence, France. And the smell!!! The air is permeated with lavender!!

It's local (in So Cal)! No Passport Required! And it's free!

It's Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center, northern San Diego County.

If you have time this next 2 weeks, they are extending their schedule till July 10th. You can thank Cali's unseasonably cool weather! At least the June gloom and the May gray went for some good!

They have over 12 types of lavender in bloom here. They're always planting.
They can get approx 5-6 years of good blooms from the lavender that they plant.

The tour is extremely informative and the grounds are so lovely. All on 8 acres of land. They make use of it.

Signs to guide you.

If your lucky, you can see them harvesting fresh lavender blooms to sell.

They have a distillery on site, but if you're a DIY'er...

As a forewarning, there are LOTS of bees on site.
But no worries, there is so much lavender that they don't pay much attention to the humans.
They do give them a home here and the honey is delich!

Notice the purple bee hive crates in the back? They blend in nicely.

Just about here, we got hungry. They serve scones, tea, and lemonade at the farm...But we weren't feelin it. We wanted something heartier. The peeps on the farm recommended the The Yellow Deli right when we get back on the main road. The Morning Star Ranch , which runs the deli, are neighbors to Keys Creek Lavender Farm. They said the breads were to die for and the woodwork was superb. Sold!

We ordered the cranberry salad and the lamb sandwich on an onion roll.
We'll let the food speak for itself...

It was fresh, organic and yummy!

Have a great 4th!

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